Monday, December 27, 2010

Day 29: Wintersong

Disclaimer:  All content is my own opinion only and should in no way be construed as a paid endorsement or representation of any companies named.  I receive no compensation whatsoever from any makeup or other companies named/linked to in my posts for my looks or reviews.  I just like to have fun with all the pretty pretty colors...

Day 29--Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 29 and almost the end of the Challenge; myself and many of my fellow Orglamix fansisters are beginning to feel the withdrawal coming: that slight sadness mixed with a bit of excitement that arrives at the end of a project that you have been working on for weeks (well a little more than a month now, actually).

To cheer myself up and make sure I had something with a little shimmer and flash for the end of the Challenge, I decided on a silvery-blue look (the sort of thing many of my fansisters have done but I had not yet tried), named after one of my fav holiday albums: Wintersong!

(holy crap this looked so much better with my big browns than I expected, hooray!!)

On my face is my new fav foundation combo: Orglamix Mineral Foundation in Bocote mixed with Orglamix Self-Adjusting Mineral Foundation in Whole Grain (it's hard to see in the pics--my camera's not that great--but I think it makes me look like I'm wearing a mineral glow even though I'm not), followed as always with a sheer sweep of Orglamix HD Microfinish Powder in Hush Hush for a lovely and flawless look!  After applying Orglamix Magnetism prep/prime to my eyelids, I continued the application as follows:

1)  Pat a metallic silver mineral eyeshadow onto lids

2)  Mix a teal blue mineral eyeshadow with Orglamix Obsidian and blend into crease and outer "v" of the eyes, dragging this combo shade onto the outer part of the lower lid

3)  Blend Orglamix Sesame onto brow bone and into upper edge of teal/Obsidian to "fog out"

4)  Apply Orglamix Naughty dry as liner on upper lash line for a more smoky look

5)  Line lower water lines with black gel eyeliner

6)  Blend matte brown shadow into brows and apply black mascara to lashes

7)  Brush Orglamix Mineral Glow in Tourmaline over cheeks

8)  Apply a sparkly plum-colored gloss to lips

(a couple of close ups to show off the shimmer & sparkle ;p)

I think this has to be one of my favorite looks that I've done for the Challenge--something festive and fun that is just perfect for a holiday party (and which I might wear on New Year's Eve, who knows lol).