Sunday, March 20, 2011

LOTD: Hukilau

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LOTD February 26, 2011: Hukilau!!

Updated March 20, 2011.  Look using a few "spring colors" (a shimmery pale spring green,  a smoky violet-rose, & a pale lavender-violet)

Having received a trio of lovely shades from a recent order, I decided to play with the colors over this weekend and did a look with them two different ways as I tried to figure out how I wanted to make up my face for a fundraising event I'm attending with the hubby.

First came the trial run:

This is my first time using a bright green on the inner corners, pretty amazed at how it came out ;)

In the trial run I used the spring green shade on the inner corners, the shimmery pale lavender-violet (packed!) on lids, and blended the smoky violet-rose (it totally pulled more violet in the pics!) in crease/outer corner & lower lid, a satiny nude beige on brow bone, and mixed the violet-rose + bit of the lavender-violet mixed with MAC Dazzleglass in Love Alert on lips.  I thought it was pretty, but I wasn't quite satisfied with the look, so I decided to mix these shades up in a different order and came up with...

Hukilau!! (So named for the luau-themed fundraising dinner we're attending this weekend, haha!)

Now that's more like it!!

This time around, I chose to place the shimmery spring green shadow on lid, blend out the violet-rose in the crease/outer corner & lower lid to smoke up the eyes a bit, and blend the pale lavender-violet on brow bone & inner corners (wearing it like this made the highlighting shade look more rosy, hmmm...).  After lining just the outer 1/2 of my upper lid in black liner and lining my lower waterlines with same, I applied a lash primer and 2 coats of lengthening/thickening black mascara to add more va-VOOM! to the eyes ;)  I then mixed the lavender-rose shadow with MAC Dazzleglass in Love Alert and applied to the lips.

This, my lovely readers, is the look I ended up wearing to the event--sooo lovely!!  I completed the look with a luau-worthy blouse in colors that--are you reading, Erin ;)--just happened to match the shades on my eyes, and a gorgeous hair clip of pink silk carnations made by one of my hula aunties (she does amazing stuff, everyone always asks me if the flowers are real lol!!).  You can see a touch of both in the pics.

And a great time was had by all!  I have to say I thought myself a bit daring wearing this look in a crowd of mixed ages and genders (lots of elders at this event, naughty me ;p ), but no one seemed offended and in fact many people came up to me to compliment my entire ensemble, makeup included!  Hooray!!

Just goes to show you that you can live life out loud ;)