Sunday, April 8, 2012

de Leon Cosmetics: Lippie Swatches Pt. 2

So now that you've seen lip swatches of the de Leon gloss shades that I-didn't-think-I'd-like-but-now-must-have, wanna see the ones I just knew I'd like and now am in love with? #1 at the top of this list is...

(drum rolls)

Ambassador gloss
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de Leon Cosmetics: Lippie Swatches Pt. 1

Hello my dear and patient readers!

I was recently inspired to try de Leon Cosmetics, an indie brand based in Australia, and boy am I glad I did; Gladys, the owner/formulator, was quite kind and patient with my sample order of doom (you'll see what I mean).  She even threw in a few (no less than 4) freebies because she was changing the packaging on her samples, meaning the ones she had on hand were a little less full than usual.  Mahalo, sweet woman!

And just look as these beautiful lip colors!  First pic shows matched pairs of de Leon lipstick balms & glosses (balms on the left, gloss to the right).

 L-R: Wee Little Puppet Man lipstick balm & gloss, I Could Never Be Your Girl balm & gloss, Stay 'n' Gloat balm & gloss, and 5x5 balm & gloss.  Isn't it amazing the difference formula makes in these shades?

More lippies after the jump!