Much Aloha

Here's some of the wonderful companies I have had the pleasure of buying from as I wander through the astonishing and strange world of beauty!  Please note the companies on this list are here based solely on my experiences as a customer and I receive no compensation whatsoever from including them on it.

Companies are categorized by the type of product that represents either the majority of their offerings or the items I buy the most from that company, however many of them do offer a wide range of items--Dreaming Tree Soapworks, for example, sells both Bath/Body products (soaps, scrubs, creams, lip balms) and fragrance oils but is listed under Bath & Body as this is the main type of product sold by the company.  Within each category, companies are arranged alphabetically for ease of browsing.

Happy hunting!

Bath & Body

DeShawn Marie Soaps  I'm especially fond of her coconut milk soaps
Dreaming Tree Soapworks  Incredible, rich lathering, long lasting soaps; very emollient!  Includes some uncommon items such as salt/spa soaps and shaving soap for women as well as men.
One Hand Washes The Other  Home of the famed Black Magic Soap in bar, cream, and scrub forms--JOY.  She also makes some great fragrances, including my first love, Lady Grey, and I Smell Like A Witch (best name EVER).


Arcana  Yeah, they make soap, it's even in their name, but I like them for their fragrance oils.
Darling Clandestine  Evonne is an alchemist, creating incredible and complex scents that do absolutely delectable things on my skin.  I have yet to find one of her scents that does not work for me, which is a very unique thing...Aequitas, Big Top Train 2011, Mad as Birds, Tapadero, Step Right Up, and Serpentina are among my favorites but I like them all...
Solstice Scents  Beautiful scents, great packaging, affordable prices--Solstice Scents can fit a variety of tastes and budgets.
Sonoma Scent Studio  Truly artisan niche perfumer in the heart of California Wine Country.  I typically prefer oils to alcohol-based perfumes, but Laura's creations are well worth trying--and buying!  Fig Tree, Jour Ensoleille, and Vintage Rose are among my favs here.
Wiggle Perfume & Sundries  Nani, an outrageous burlesque performer, is also a wonderful formulator of delicious and unique perfume oils.  Rosalba, a Summer 2011 LE scent, became such a fav it triggered my first-ever backup bottle purchase.  I carry it everywhere.


Darling Girl Cosmetics  Beautiful blushes, lovely lipglosses, and gorgeous shadows (okay so I broke the string of alliteration, forgive me) at a price point that goes easy on the bank account.
Fyrinnae  An amazing cosmetic company that produces very, VERY good stuff.  Go.  Now.
Linnaeus Cosmetics  Absolutely stunning eyeshadows, definitely fav-worthy.  Marin makes many gorgeous shades to adorn your eyes, inspired by the wildlife she loves, and is a pro at making neutral shades sing!
Morgana Cryptoria  Some of the best lippies to be had in the indie OR commercial market.  My MAC lippies are languishing.
My Pretty Zombie  Andrea is a doll--a zombie doll, to be precise--and she makes me look pretty.

More to come, so keep checking back!