Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

I can't quite believe it's already been a year since I began blogging about my journeys in makeup, beauty, & fragrance--and what a "wonderland" of experiences (lovely and frightful both) it has been!  Throughout the past year I have found some wonderful fellow bloggers and several favorite companies both for makeup, bath & body products, and fragrance.

To honor my birthday (which was yesterday, so I TOTALLY took the day off from the interwebs :D ) and blogiversary I have decided to do a little re-vamping around my little corner of the beautynet and added the following new features:

  • A page for my favorite companies, categorized by type of product and arranged alphabetically
  • A list of my Holy Grail items across all beauty categories
  • Forum Link Love: a sidebar list of awesome forums filled with a mixed bag of folks who all love (insert forum topic here), and...

That's right, folks, throughout my wanderings I have discovered many amazing products--shimmery, smoky, and silky shadows; glowing blushes; fabulous foundations and BB creams; luscious lippies; and fantastic fragrances.  Which means my beauty collection is (for me at least) out of control!

So now I would like to share with you, my dear followers!  Check out the great deals on the Sale page and find some new friends--and perhaps favorites--of your own ;)  Products will be organized by category, company, and condition (new/used) and every purchase will include makeup, bath/body, and/or fragrance samples, so please don't be shy about requesting which you would prefer.

Cheers to wrapping up 2011 with a pretty bow and welcoming 2012 with joy!

Me ke aloha,