Monday, December 27, 2010

Day 28: Honeymoon Hottie

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Day 28--Thursday, December 16, 2010

When I married the darling hubby (OMG, seven years ago!!), I made up a special scent to wear to the wedding and on our honeymoon (in a secluded little B&B on the Mendocino coast--amazing!!) out of nothing but essential oils, since I'm sensitive to synthetic fragrances.  The blend made use of essential oils such as Sandalwood, Patchouli, Jasmine, and Cardamom, and smelled INCREDIBLE!!  I called the stuff "Honeymoon Hottie" because my man could not keep his nose off my neck the whole week lol...

Spicy as the scent is, the look ended up being softer than I envisioned but very pretty nonetheless--what do you think?

(I swear this could have been my Pinup 2.0 look, yeah?)

This look features the Orglamix shades that correspond to the ingredients I used to create the Honeymoon Hottie scent (still one of my favs) and begins as always with clean and moisturized skin.  Over this, I blended Orglamix Mineral Foundation in Bocote with Orglamix Self-Adjusting Mineral Foundation in Whole Grain, followed by a sheer application of Orglamix HD Microfinish Powder in Hush Hush.  On the eyelids, I applied Orglamix Magnetism prep/prime and continued the application as follows:

1)  Pat Orglamix Honeymoon Sweet onto lid and follow by blending Orglamix Jasmine on top of it

2)  Mix Orglamix Patchouli and Orglamix Sandalwood and blend into crease and outer "v" of eye, drawing out into a slight wing

3)  Blend more Jasmine onto the brow bone and down into upper edge of Sandalwood/Patchouli to soften; dab more Jasmine onto inner corners of eyes

4)  Line upper lash line with black gel eyeliner and pat Orglamix Naughty over this to smoke it out a little (LOVE this!!)

5)  Line lower water lines with black gel eyeliner

6)  Blend matte brown shadow into brows and apply black mascara to lashes

7)  Sweep Orglamix mineral blush in Ginger over cheeks

8)  Mix Orglamix Cardamom with gold microglitter gloss and apply to lips

Very subtle, very lovely neutral look; I really like how this turned out despite my expectations having leaned toward a more dramatic look.  Sometimes the accidents really are happy ones ;)