Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 16: Open Sesame

Disclaimer:  All content is my own opinion only and should in no way be construed as a paid endorsement or representation of any companies named.  I receive no compensation whatsoever from any makeup or other companies named/linked to in my posts for my looks or reviews.  I just like to have fun with all the pretty pretty colors...

Day 16--Saturday, December 4, 2010

Another busy day in the winter holiday season--today's schedule began with some well-deserved self-care in the form of 90 minutes of put-me-back-in-balance massage by a truly gifted CMT in my town.  After that, a nice hot shower, a good lunch and plenty of water, and I was ready to put on my face for the evening's activities, which included:

  • Dropping in at my Dad and Stepdad's house for a neighborhood holiday party they were hosting, then
  • Ducking out of said party for a few hours to help with the pick up of donated toys for the families I work with for distribution at our annual Holiday Toy Shop (assisted by my dearest hubby--so gracious!)
  • And returning to the party in time for my Dad to break out the good wine and dessert!

Inspired by the sparkliness of holiday decorations (my Dad is retired and has MUCHO time on his hands, so his decor this year has extra sparkle) and the generosity of our community, I decided to glam it up for tonight's look: Open Sesame!

This look uses Orglamix Aegean again as the centerpiece, taking advantage this time of the option of mixing colors afforded by loose mineral eyeshadows, with a result that I have found difficult to achieve by layering different shades of pressed eyeshadow one over another.

(this close-up shows how mixing shades can create an entirely different look without seeming "caked on")

Beginning as usual with clean, moisturized skin and adding a sheer layer of mineral foundation and a thin veil of Orglamix HD Microfinish Powder in Hush Hush, I applied Orglamix Magnetism prep/primer to the eyelids and continued as follows:

1)  Pat Orglamix Moonstone onto entire lid from brow to lash line and blend out

2)  Mix Orglamix Aegean with Moonstone and pat onto lid, blending up into crease

3)  Pat Orglamix Sesame into outer "v" of eye and crease and blend

4)  Take a bit more Moonstone and blend into upper edge of Sesame to create a shimmery silver gradient; pat a little bit more into inner corners of eyes to highlight

5)  Blend matte brown shadow into brows to shape/define, line upper lash line and lower water line with black eyeliner, and apply black mascara to lashes

6)  Sweep Orglamix Mineral Glow in Tourmaline over cheekbones, etc. to highlight

7)  Apply shimmery mauve gloss to lips

I got many compliments on this look both at the party and from my supervisor (to whom I had to explain the extra glamorous eyes)--and that was before folks started getting tipsy, thank you very much!!  I would say that this is a fun look for the holidays--might be especially nice for a New Year's party or something like that.