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Giveaway: Beauty Addicts Anonymous

Amazing blog hosts amazing giveaway!

Good and patient followers, you may have noticed the flurry of "catch-up" posting I've been up to this week, putting up blog entries on looks I've done and products I've tried over the past--wow, just double-checked--month now.  During this process, I've had many opportunities to check out the latest posts by other MUAs whose beauty blogs I've been following.  Among them I found a post by The Cheap Chick (thanks, Erin!!) mentioning a pretty fab giveaway going on right now:

I think I would pick eyeshadow in Blanc Type and lipstick in Vegas Volt--just to go out of my comfort zone LOL.

Though my recent makeup purchases have been weighted--heavily--toward indie mineral makeup companies, I still have some die-hard favs from the MAC collection, so this seems like a pretty sweet giveaway.  But what really intrigued me was this offer by the host, one "R.":

"After the winner has been picked, I'll go on to their blog and pick something out based on their likes and personality!"

Whoa!  Now that's a unique element in the usual parade of giveaways--something personal, I love it!!  This giveaway is being hosted to celebrate R's 100th post--quite a milestone, I think, especially since I've been at this for about 3 1/2 months and only have 43 posts...and that's just because I began all of this with a "dare" to wear a new look every day for 30 days.  So really, I've only posted 13 times since the end of that monumental challenge, and in that light, 100 seems so far away...sigh...

Besides the giveaway, R's blog runs the gamut of beauty products from makeup to hair to skin care, and is a fun read and eye candy to boot.  You should check out her latest post here just because it's cute as heck.



Color Challenge: Siren's Call

Disclaimer:  All content is my own opinion only and should in no way be construed as a paid endorsement or representation of any companies named.  I receive no compensation whatsoever from any makeup or other companies named/linked to in my posts for my looks or reviews.  I just like to have fun with all the pretty pretty colors...

Updated March 20, 2011.  Sometimes inspiration for my looks comes easily--I can see a trio of colors like the one above and more or less instantly get a mental picture of what I'd like to do.  This doesn't happen with all the challenges I've participated in--some looks I came by the hard way, fussing and fidgeting and agonizing over which shades to use where (that was the case with the first "weekly challenge" I took part in and I wasn't particularly thrilled with my work on that one, thus the lack of corresponding blog post ;p ).

Happily this challenge fell into the first category, and though we all had a week to post a look using the challenge colors, it only took me one day to put mine up.  Here she is:

oooohhh...Lizzy found picnik!! (mahalo to SnarkyP for the pointers <3!)

Oh, I love this look!  And yes, the Portagee in me just could NOT resist mixing up the colors, so I blended a little bit of two colors (a deep aqua and a rich sapphire blue) to create a match for the first of the challenge colors that I was satisfied with.

This look also debuts a new blush (well, new to me at least!): a lovely pinky-coral shade that almost flew under my usual "BLUSH ALERT!!" radar.  I'm glad I snapped it up, though, it gave a pinkish glow (which I never would have attempted with a blush that was more on the pink end of the spectrum) that I think really set off the teal & green shades on the eyes.

I learned a tip on helping your eyeshadows really pop from the lovely Rebecca, who pointed many of us in the direction of the excellent Lisa Eldridge; Rebecca explained one of Lisa's recommendations which is to apply your eye color first and then apply the foundation.  Once I tried applying my makeup in this order I found it to be worth more than just intensifying your eyes--it also helps clean up any fallout and smooth out the edges of your application.  Awesome.

1) Prime the eyelids; for "Siren's Call" I used MAC Paint Pot in Painterly

2) Pat a bright shimmery spring green on the lid, blending slightly up into crease; foil more of this shade and paint inner 1/3 of lower lid

3) Mix a deep blue and a tealy-blue together and blend into crease & outer corner of eyes; foil this same mixture and paint over outer 2/3 of lower lid

4) Pat a nude shade with some gold shimmer onto brow bone and blend down into upper edge of the teal/blue shadow in the crease to make a pretty gradient; pick up more of this shade and, beginning at inner corner of brow, draw it down to inner corners of the eyes.  Don't be afraid to pack this on a bit on the inner corners to really highlight and widen the eyes ;)

5) Foil more of the teal/blue mixture and line upper lash line.  Follow up by lining upper & lower waterlines with black gel eyeliner (super glamorous!!).  I used MAC Blacktrack for this look

6) Blend a matte brown shadow like Indy by Mixology into eyebrows to shape and define.

7) Prime the eyelashes if you like (for super long & thick lashes; I used MAC Prep+Prime) and apply 1-2 coats of your fav black mascara

Today I was feeling nostalgic so I used a combination of Bliss & Almond foundations by Pink Quartz Minerals topped by their Translucent Mineral Veil.  Though not as silky on the skin as my usual fav it gave nice coverage, felt pretty soft, and went on smoothly.

After applying your foundation/setting powder, sweep a pink/coral shade of blush over the cheeks for a lovely glow that really sets off the shades on the eyes.  And on the lips?  A fresh peach-coral lip gloss with a little gold shimmer to it added a beautiful finish to this look.

View with lowered lids showing off the teal/blue mix foiled as liner on the upper lash line

These colors are so fresh and lovely, just like new spring shoots and tropical seas!  Damn, I think I'm missing Maui again...

I wore this look out to dinner with the hubby ("very nice!" he exclaimed when I came out of the bathroom, hooray!!) and felt very daring--just like an enchanting mermaid ;)  Want more drama for a night out clubbing?  Foil the shadows on the lid, amp up the application of black liner and wear a darker shade on the lips and you've got a look that's dance-floor ready!



Monday, February 21, 2011

Color Challenge: Delta Queen

Disclaimer:  All content is my own opinion only and should in no way be construed as a paid endorsement or representation of any companies named.  I receive no compensation whatsoever from any makeup or other companies named/linked to in my posts for my looks or reviews.  I just like to have fun with all the pretty pretty colors...

Updated March 20, 2011.  Gig Look!

Would you like to know one of the biggest challenges of being part of the performing cast of a halau hula, or traditional hula school?  Well, besides knowing your choreography and the mana'o, or imagery, behind the movements of a particular hula number so that, as a dancer, you can portray the meaning and emotional content of the dance with both grace and animation?

No it's not figuring out your costuming--your kumu or hula master will pretty much decide on that.  Same goes for what to do with your hair and what adornments (lei and other flower/bead arrangements common in traditional hula--no other jewelry!) to go with it.

It's what to wear on your face.

Gigs--performances for which the halau is hired by private individuals & organizations (as opposed to performances hosted by the halau itself or hula competitions, either of which may include kahiko or ancient-style hula compositions that, according to protocol in our halau, one does not wear brilliantly colored or "glam" makeup while performing)--are predominated by 'auana or modern hula dances (accompanied by stringed instruments like the 'ukulele) and call for dramatic eyes and lip color to help call the audience's attention to the beauty of the dancer's expression--a critical part of any hula performance.

Our halau had been hired to provide live entertainment at the celebration of a local woman's 100th birthday, for which her family had chartered a historic riverboat for an evening dinner cruise.  If I live so long, I hope my relatives party it up in similar style to celebrate such an achievement!!  So I was given the task of deciding how to make up my face for the gig, a process made somewhat easier by a color challenge I chose to participate in.

I have to say, this ended up taking much of my usual agonizing about how to paint my face for a gig out of the equation, as my Kumu had chosen shades of violet and pink for the costumes I was to wear to perform my numbers.  Palette in hand, I began mixing & matching to present: Delta Queen!

Ah, smoky eyes, thou art a performer's best friend!  With you,  my facial features can actually be seen from more than just the front-and-center seats ;D

Dressing the face for a gig requires extra special care, so I made sure the face was clean, moisturized (but not greasy!) and applied not only foundation (a touch darker than my usual shade) & finishing powder but also bronzer for that must-have Island glow (even in the dead of Winter!!).  Following this I applied my Gig/Challenge look thusly:

1) Prime lids (for a gig I need super-strength primer, so I mixed MAC Paint Pot in Painterly with some heavy-stick mineral primer by Erzulie--the two of these together are like paste for mineral eyeshadows!)

2) Foil a pale violet shade and paint over the lid; when dry top with a touch of sparkly ice blue

3) Mix a golden bronze shade with a sparkly brown and pat onto the outer 1/3 of lid, blending slightly into the crease & outer corner

4) Blend a smoky plum purple into the crease and outer corner of the eye, winging up & out slightly and dragging this shade down & across outer 2/3 of lower lid

5) Take a shimmery nude shadow, preferably with a lavender/pale violet shimmer to it, and blend onto the brow bone; pat more of this shade onto the inner corners of the eyes and across inner 1/3 of lower lid to meet the plum purple.

6) Line upper lash line (MAC Blacktrack) and lower waterlines (Bobbi Brown Black Ink) with black gel eyeliner.  Why did I use two different black gel liners for this look?  Because when I dance, I sweat and also my eyes water (from lights, from heat, from dry conditions in the performance area, from sun and/or wind if we are outside, and from the emotions evoked by the dances themselves), so for the waterlines especially I needed something that WOULD NOT BUDGE and Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner is IT.

7) Glam up the lashes with either falsies or major mascara; I didn't have time for falsies--which are hit or miss for me--so I primed the lashes with MAC Prep+Prime to build them up and topped it with 2 coats of MAC False Lashes mascara.

8) Shadow in the brows is a must for gig makeup, so I blended Indy by Mixology into mine to help shape and add definition

9) Color the lips with something shimmery and plum/mauvey to go with the shadows on the eyes; I went with Aveda Lip Shine in Night Iris.

"Delta Queen" from the side, showing off the bronzy-brown on the outer lid

View with lowered lids, highlighting the lavender sheen of the chosen highlighter and the smoky effect from the plum-purple and bronzy-brown shades

Notice in these pics how rich the pigments are, how budge-proof, and how nicely the black gel eyeliner covers the waterlines?  Get this--I took these pics AFTER the gig, meaning I had been wearing the look for over 6 hours and had performed FOUR DANCES in it!!

See what I mean about the super-stick primer and the Bobbi Brown eyeliner?  It was a windy evening on the river, my eyes were streaming at times, I had to fight the urge to swipe at them, dancing+performance anxiety=sweaty face, and the only thing I had to reapply for these pics was the lip gloss (because God bless our hosts, they fed our hungry selves after the rest of the party had been served, since we were on the boat for the duration of the cruise with no way to get our own food)!!  Incredible stuff, just incredible!

Anyone else among my good and lovely followers use their makeup addiction for the performing arts?  What are your trials and triumphs as a performer doing your own makeup?  Feel free to leave a comment and let me know--I'm always up for a good story ;)

MKA (Me ke aloha = with love :D)

Lizzy (or Leimamo, Hula Practitioner)

Moulin Rose

Disclaimer:  All content is my own opinion only and should in no way be construed as a paid endorsement or representation of any companies named.  I receive no compensation whatsoever from any makeup or other companies named/linked to in my posts for my looks or reviews.  I just like to have fun with all the pretty pretty colors...

LOTD January 31, 2011

Updated March 20, 2011.  Inspired by yesterday's experience lacquering my nails with Scotch Naturals' Kiltlifter, I decided to go for the gusto this evening after a WAY long day at work and experiment with--buh-buh-bah-BUHM!!!--red eyeshadow!  Oh, I've worn shades of rusty gold and rosy plum, but nothing like this...

I give you:  Moulin Rose!

Isn't she lovely??

Until I saw the completed look, I was uncertain if I'd like the red shades much, but Oh My Wow they are stunning!!  Definitely one of my fav color combinations ;)

On the face I applied my current favorite foundation, finishing powder, and bronzer, primed my eyelids, then continued the look as follows:

1) Pat a rich shimmery warm red on the lid; don't be afraid to pack it on, as that is what gave this look it's gorgeous rose-red hue!

2) Blend a shimmery black cherry shade (you can use something like Sketch or Beauty Marked by MAC--although not dupes of what I used here, they're similar enough) into the crease & outer corners of the eye and drag down across lower lid

3) Blend a shimmery pink rose shade onto the brow bone and drag down to the inner corners of the eye and across inner lower lid to blend with "black cherry" shadow

4) For extra drama, line the upper lash line (liberally) and lower waterlines with black gel eyeliner (I used Fluidline in Blacktrack by MAC)

5) Apply black mascara to lashes (I used MAC Prep+Prime lash primer followed by Fresh Magic Wands--one coat of Supernova followed by one coat of Firebird--very dramatic and a bargain at one trial size of each for $10 USD)

6) Blend matte brown shadow such as Kettle by Pink Quartz Minerals into brows to shape & define

7) Dust cheekbones & upper lip with a shimmery highlighter (my thanks to Char & Stella for the inspiration to add this extra touch of glam!)

8) Mix the "shimmery pink-rose" and "black cherry" shades of your choice (yes, the same ones used on the eyes, if said shades are also lip-safe) with pink shimmer gloss and plum with gold shimmer gloss (I used Aveda Lip Shines in Grapefruit Pulp + Night Iris) and apply to lips

This turned out so well, I'd want to wear it every day lol!  But I'd probably reserve it for a night out (or in!  naught me...) due to the intense color and fairly dramatic eyes.  Like Kiltlifter, this look incorporates shades that represent good luck in a variety of cultures, so if you're looking for something to wear on the eyes/face for Lunar New Year, Valentine's Day, or other "red is good fortune" celebrations, this certainly would fit the bill!  (Update 02-19-11, I actually did wear it out on a "double date" with another couple ;D )  Moulin Rose also went well with another treat I got for myself in the spirit of the upcoming Valentine's Day festivities...but that's another blog post entirely...

What about you, my lovely readers, how do you feel about rouge eye shadows?  Dare to wear, or afraid of this shade??  Feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts ;)



Return of the Nail: Kiltlifter

Disclaimer:  All content is my own opinion only and should in no way be construed as a paid endorsement or representation of any companies named.  I receive no compensation whatsoever from any makeup or other companies named/linked to in my posts for my looks or reviews.  I just like to have fun with all the pretty pretty colors...

January 30, 2011

Okay, so many of you are probably more well-versed in all things beauty than my humble self, and therefore have been active in the ongoing debate about the health costs of a well-done mani/pedi.  Aside from the nail salon horror stories (cuticle infections!  fungus or other nasties colonizing our poor feet from badly--or not at all--sterilized equipment!  allergic reactions to all those FUMEs, oh my!), information is becoming more and more readily available about the risks of the home manicure, as well, stemming mostly from the industry-standard chemicals used in many big-name company nail formulas.  Health hazards associated with nail polish/remover ingredients such as toluene, formaldehyde, DBP/phthalates, camphor, and acetone have reared their ugly heads, triggering a landslide of consumer demand for healthier alternatives.

This has resulted in several companies (for example e.l.f. and Zoya, though these are not by any means the only such) offering alternative formulations of nail colors/products that are labeled "three-free" (typically toluene, formaldehyde, & phthalate free) or even "four-free" (no camphors either) to proclaim their status as part of this healthy revolution in nail artistry.  Some companies, however, have gone even further, testing (not on animals, of course!) and now marketing innovative, water-based nail colors!  Yes, you read correctly: nail color with water as the base ingredient!


Now, I have not been a big fan of the manicure for quite some time, beginning in my days working at a little independent bookstore and going right up to the present.  Do not misunderstand me, good and patient followers, this aversion was not born from my health consciousness (although that is quite active and was certainly a factor in my recent migration to MMU-land) but rather from more practical concerns: in the beginning I had not the funds to keep up with the damage slinging books around does to a $20+ manicure, and more recently I had not the patience or the time for multiple-weekly trips to the nail salon (or home nail color application) to either repair damage done by everyday life/work or replace color that had to be removed for hula performances (bare nails being de rigueur in my halau in accordance with protocol set by our Kumu Hula).

So by the time I decided once again to dip my fingertips back in the nail color pool, I found myself presented with options that had not existed in past years: "leaded," three-free, four-free, or water-based?  Wow.

Enter Scotch Naturals nail polish, one of the classier entries in the "water-based" category.  On the recommendation of an acquaintance, who is a fan of their "Hot Toddy" shade, I decided to check out their site.  First thing I noticed: it's pretty swanky

It's also clearly aimed at the over-21 crowd (or whatever the legal drinking age is in your corner of the globe lol!), most likely because it's a clever match for the brand name--all the better to market it to you, dearies!

Another reason it's aimed at the over-20's: well, you'll get that when you click "Shop Now" to discover that your "single Scotch" will set you back about $15 USD plus shipping.  Stated another way: the price point is also a clever match for the elegant presentation.  For those with the ready funds, however, they offer a nice "introductory offer" (seen in the screenshot next to the little black pouch in the lower left corner):  $15 off the purchase of any trio of Scotch shades (called "Cocktail Trios" on the site)--so it's like a buy two get one free--plus nail buffers and their own formula of polish remover.  Considering the remover itself goes for around $10 USD for a 2 oz bottle (compare to less than $5 for 2 oz of Zoya Remove Plus), this is a pretty good deal from this upscale company.

I decided to go for this offer and chose Kiltlifter (seen above in the screenshot) as one of my trio shades, partly because I like a good red and partly because the name made me smile.  Once my package arrived, I dove straight for this shade and to my husband's shock sat next to him during his Sunday Night Football and painted my nails--something he's NEVER seen me do in the 7 years we've been married.

Here's how they turned out:

Kiltlifter by Scotch Naturals

This turned out to be a lovely, rich creamy red, a little on the warm side which is fine by me.  As I did this the week of Chinese New Year (and my 1 year anniversary at the new job), I felt like it was a pretty take on "good luck red."  One thing I really loved was the lack of fumes--an especially good thing as I was sitting next to my man watching his very macho football while applying the stuff ;)  If he didn't look in my direction he could pretend there was no frou-frou girly stuff going on in the room at all lmao!!

I also liked that two coats of the polish dried rather quickly even without drying drops, a no-no in the world of water-based nail color.  Also taboo is the use of a base coat, which according to the manufacturer interferes with the ability of the polish to bond with the nail bed; they recommend instead buffing a drop of jojoba oil into the nails (to condition & prepare the nail bed for polishing), then thoroughly washing to remove traces of oil & buffing dust left behind by this prepping method.

Scotch also recommends foregoing a top coat; however without any kind of sealant/protectant I found the polish chipping off my much-abused tips after just two days--a bit frustrating, given the cost of the polish itself.  Overall, though, I did like the color, feel, and non-toxicity of this product, especially as my hubby and I are preparing to start a family and a product like this could be worn during pregnancy without worry.  In the future, I think I will try using their clear polish to seal the tips only and see if this helps extend the wear time.

How about you, good and patient followers?  Has anyone else out there experimented with Scotch Naturals nail color?  What was your experience and how do you get the most out of such an investment in your nails?



Roxie Flasher

Disclaimer:  All content is my own opinion only and should in no way be construed as a paid endorsement or representation of any companies named.  I receive no compensation whatsoever from any makeup or other companies named/linked to in my posts for my looks or reviews.  I just like to have fun with all the pretty pretty colors...

LOTD January 30, 2011

Updated March 20, 2011.  In my workaday life as a busy social worker, I often (sadly) find I have little time in the morning to glam it up for the day with some rockin' eye shadow or fun fabulous fashion.  Yes, good and patient readers, I must confess: I am an unapologetic sleeper-inner (no kids yet to force me up at oh-dark-thirty) and inveterate procrastinator.  Need any further proof?  Check out the post date of this particular blog entry and compare it to the date I actually did the look.  See, I told you...

Add to my own personality traits the nuts & bolts of a home-visitation model of social service: simple, workable, wash-n-wear clothes/hair/makeup is SOP (standard operating procedure) in my field--when you are going into someone's home to provide supportive services you want to avoid being too dressy, too flashy, or too casual, as you want to convey both respect and a sense of being accessible and down-to-earth to the families who are opening their homes to you.  Because no one wants a shiny-new, straight-from-grad-school looking professional standing on their doorstep for God and all the neighbors to see.  Would you?

This being my present reality, the evenings really are my friend where playing with pigments are concerned and "today" is no exception.  Once again, I pulled out one recent haul, and decided to work with a couple of not-yet-used pigments.  I was feeling kind of purple today, so I chose to create...Roxie Flasher!!

No, I'm not topless or anything, I just cropped the heck out of this pic so you can't see the tank I'm wearing.  Really.

Well, yes, I was in a hurry this evening, so I decided to forego the usual application of foundation/finishing powder, etc.  Boy, am I sorry I did that, good followers, and you're absolutely right--I won't be doing it again! The eyes sure look pretty, though, and here's how I got them:

1) Yes, I did in fact use primer on the eyes (still trying to decide on a fav; do you have any suggestions, my wonderful readers??)

2)  Pat a shimmery light purple shade on the lid

3)  Blend a smoky black cherry shade into the crease/outer corners of the eyes; foil a bit more of this shade and line outer 2/3 of upper lash line

4)  Blend a shimmery ivory shade onto the brow bone and pat more of this on the inner corners of the eyes to highlight

5)  Blend matte brown shadow (like Kettle by Pink Quartz Minerals) into brows to shape/define and add black mascara (I used BADgal Lash by benefit)

6)  This look took advantage of a nearly naked lip--just some lip balm I made--but a plum, mauve, or cool red shade would work also.

Wow, what a difference lighting and location make!!  These two pics were taken near a North-facing window on a rainy day, the indirect light completely washed out my own color but made the shadows pop a bit more o.0
I have to say, I'm really fond of the purple looks with my beautiful browns, and these particular shades ended up being a lovely variation on this theme.  I'd easily wear this during the day (a day off, most likely, but daytime still), or glam it up for evening by intensifying the color (foiling, or just applying more pigment or applying over a black or white base), adding more black liner and more mascara/false lashes, blush or bronzer, and lip color.

How do you feel about purple/violet shades on the eyes?  Leave me a comment and let me know ;)




Disclaimer:  All content is my own opinion only and should in no way be construed as a paid endorsement or representation of any companies named.  I receive no compensation whatsoever from any makeup or other companies named/linked to in my posts for my looks or reviews.  I just like to have fun with all the pretty pretty colors...

Updated March 20, 2011.

LOTD January 28, 2011

Today I wondered: can I do a look with just one MMU pigment??

Well, of course you can always just use one shade on your eyes--folks do this all the time--but to use one shade and get the effects of shimmer/shine, highlighting, and contouring usually achieved by applying several different pigments is more of a challenge!

Challenge to myself accepted: here is Striptease in all her glory!

The only thing I regret about this look is not having a camera that adequately captures how much depth I got out of this one shade  >.<  You can, however see a hint of the smoky brown that this pressure-sensitive shade becomes when blended out (as I did in the crease/outer v of the eyes), as well as the nude shimmer on the lid and pale highlight on brow bone/inner corners.  I wore this look to work today, and folks were shocked that it was all one shade of eyeshadow!

Over clean & moisturized skin, I applied my favorite foundation & setting powder, followed by a sweep of bronzer--I seem to be all thumbs when it comes to applying blush but bronzer is a snap for me so I tend to reach for it first ;)

Application for the eye color went as follows:

1)  Apply primer to lids (today I went with e.l.f. Mineral Eyeshadow Primer )

2)  Lightly dip an eyeshadow brush into a pressure-sensitive nude beige/brown shadow (several MMU brands have experimented with pressure-sensitive pigments, check out Project Safe Indie on FB for some reputable companies to try) and very gently pat onto lid from lash line to brows for a nude shimmer.  Be very careful not to apply too much pressure, as this will bring out the brown in the shadow and result in a more monotone application!

3)  Pick up more of the same shadow and blend into crease and outer "v" of eyes to contour; applying more pressure here and blending out the shadow will result in a deeper brown shade in this area of the eye, creating more depth to the look.

4)  Once again pick up a bit more of your chosen shade and again very gently pat onto just the lid to increase the intensity of this shade/shimmer without turning it brown.

5)  Line upper lash line with brown eyeliner (I used e.l.f's Mineral Eye Liner in Coffee)

6)  Blend matte brown shadow into brows to shape & define (today I used Indy by Mixology, a new fav shade for brows!)

7)  Apply black mascara to lashes (right now I'm loving BADgal Lash by Benefit--really brings out the glam!)

8)  Finish off the look with some sheer pink lip gloss (Lip Shine in Grapefruit Pulp by Aveda is still one of my favs despite the price tag; the stuff lasts practically all day and makes my lips feel GREAT!!)

Subtle, simple, quick and beautiful--just what everyday makeup should be ;)  It would take little more to turn this into a stunning pinup-style look: perhaps lightly dust a little sparkle powder over the top of the eyeshadow, use black or plum eyeliner on the upper lash line + lower waterlines to make the eyes pop a bit more, and add either mega-lengthening/thickening mascara (maybe primer + 2 coats??) or false lashes, and a lovely red lipstick and you've gone from daytime to DAMN!!

What's your favorite go-to shade for those on-the-run one-color-on-the-eyes days?  Feel free to share by posting a comment--I'd love to hear your experiences!

MKA (Me ke aloha = with love)