Bargain Bin

Hello my lovely readers!  Yes, the time has come--after nearly a year of my own wanderings through the beauty blogiverse and the brands we love (and sometimes come to loathe)--to offer up some beautiful items that just don't get enough love in my home.  Perhaps they will find some at yours?

Pics available soon; please ask if you have any questions about the color/condition of an item of interest.

The nitty gritty:

  • Items categorized by type, then size (mini/sample or full), and condition (new/used).  Used items have all been cleanly tested from the cap and either swatched only or used 1-2 times at most.   Where possible, the level of use will be indicated in the description.
  • All items first come, first served.  
  • If you are interested in one or more items, please leave a comment here with your desired purchases and your email and I will gladly send you a PayPal invoice within 24 hours of your request.
  • Items requested will only be held 48 hours after the invoice is sent.  If payment not received within this timeframe, the item will be re-listed as available.
  • Due to the upcoming Luau Season (I dance hula and our annual Luau is in September), blog sale is closed until October 2012, with my apologies for any inconvenience.
  • I will do my best to get your paid items in the mail within 2-4 days of your purchase and include samples to help defray the cost of shipping.  If you have a preference for type of samples to include (fragrance oils, eyeshadows/blushes, bath/body, etc.) please note this in your comment on this page or in the notes to seller during PayPal checkout and I will try to accommodate you.

Thank you for your participation, now on to the goods!

Cosmetic Glitters--Full Sizes--New

Mineral Maven: Chocolate (5g jar, shrinkwrapped) $3.50
Mineral Maven: Desert (5g jar, shrinkwrapped) $3.50
Mineral Maven: Dorato (5g jar, shrinkwrapped) $3.50
Mineral Maven: Jadite (5g jar, shrinkwrapped) $3.50
Mineral Maven: Meteorite (5g jar, shrinkwrapped) $3.50
Mineral Maven: Oceano (5g jar, shrinkwrapped) $3.50
Mineral Maven: Pixie (5g jar, shrinkwrapped) $3.50
Mineral Maven: Pumpkin (5g jar, shrinkwrapped) $3.50
Mineral Maven: Vida (5g jar, shrinkwrapped) $3.50
Mineral Maven: Wicked (5g jar, shrinkwrapped) $3.50
Special Offer: Choose any 4 for $12

Eyeshadows--Mini/Sample Sizes--New

Concrete Minerals: Unity (1/4 tsp in 5g jar with sifter & seal) $1.50
Concrete Minerals: Vegas (1/4 tsp in a 5g jar with sifter & seal) $1.50

Eyeshadows--Mini/Sample Sizes--Used

Concrete Minerals: Troublemaker (1/4 tsp in 5g jar with sifter; swatched only) $1

Eyeshadows--Full Sizes--New

Concrete Minerals: Arkham Collection (4 LE shades--Bat-Breaker, Harley Girl, Ace of Knaves, & Poisonous Kiss; 1.5 grams each in jars with sifter & seals) $5.50 each or $20 for the set
Concrete Minerals: Souljourner (1.5 grams in jar with sifter & seal) $5.50

Eyeshadows--Full Sizes--Used

Concrete Minerals: Hustle (1.5 grams in sifter jar; swatched only) $4.50
Concrete Minerals: Kinky (1.5 grams in sifter jar; swatched only) $4.50
Concrete Minerals: Brat (1.5 grams in sifter jar; swatched only) $4.50
Concrete Minerals: Vanity (1.5 grams in sifter jar; swatched only) $4.50
Concrete Minerals: Charm School (1.5 grams in sifter jar; swatched only) $4.50
Special Offer: Buy all 5 for $20

Concrete Minerals: Smut (1.5 grams in sifter jar; used 2x) $4
Concrete Minerals: Rocked (1.5 grams in sifter jar; used 2x) $4
Concrete Minerals: White Rabbit (1.5 grams in sifter jar; used 1x) $4
Concrete Minerals: Mad Hatter (1.5 grams in sifter jar; used 1x) $4
Special Offer: Buy all 4 for $14

Nail Polishes--Full Sizes--New

Scotch Naturals: Spring Collection 2011 (4 shades--Leprechaun Lynch, Lochness Mystery, Highland Fling, & Caleigh; 10.5 mL each) $12 each or all 4 for $40
Scotch Naturals: Neat (10.5 mL) $12
Zoya Matte Velvet Lacquer: Posh (15 mL) $5

Nail Polishes--Full Sizes--Used

Scotch Naturals: Kiltlifter (10.5 mL, used 1x) $10.50
Scotch Naturals: Velvet Kilt (10.5 mL, used 1x) $10.50

Nail Polishes--Mini Sizes--New

Zoya: Sooki (7.5 mL) $3.50