Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 12: India Spice

Disclaimer:  All content is my own opinion only and should in no way be construed as a paid endorsement or representation of any companies named.  I receive no compensation whatsoever from any makeup or other companies named/linked to in my posts for my looks or reviews.  I just like to have fun with all the pretty pretty colors...

Day 12--Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another good day for a soft look, as I was going to work in the morning and would be at my halau hula, or hula school, in the evening--don't want to have a dramatic look when I'm going to be sweating doing drills and practicing our numbers for the holiday celebration ;)

In keeping with the practicality of the day I decided to go for a neutral look, based on the textures and scents that India is famous for: silks and spices.

So here is India Spice:

Super soft, shimmery, and satiny smooth--just like the famed Kanjeevaram silks of India.  Lovely!  This look features Cardamom--my first time using a shade named for one of my favorite spices to cook with (YUM).

(my inspiration--an example of a beautiful peachy-gold saree found online at cbazaar.com )

I began the look as usual by preparing my face by cleansing and moisturizing my skin and then applying mineral foundation, followed by a sheer sweep of Orglamix HD Microfinish Powder in Hush Hush to soften any flaws and Orglamix Magnetism prep/primer on my eyelids.  Once accomplished, I continued the application as follows:

1)  Pat Orglamix Vanilla all over lid from brow to lash line and blend out to make the shimmer more subtle

2)  Pat Orglamix Silk on the inner 2/3 of lid and blend upward into crease

3)  Pat Orglamix Cardamom into outer 1/3 of lid and blend upward into crease, dragging in toward the inner portion of crease to contour

4)  Pat a little more Vanilla into inner corners of eyes to highlight

5)  Blend matte brown shadow into brows to shape/define and apply wet to line upper lash line

6)  Apply black mascara to lashes

7)  Mix Orglamix Goji with lip balm (I made mine) and apply to lips

I love the combination of Silk and Cardamom-they are both wonderful neutral shades and look great together and these shades highlight the eyes--especially my big browns--and bring out the darker hues in the iris.  Goji is a beautiful shade on the lips (I'm loving the way Cheri's eye shadows look on the lips--have I mentioned before that I may never buy regular lipstick again?  I LOVE being able to blend my own ~.~).