Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 6: Smolder

Disclaimer:  All content is my own opinion only and should in no way be construed as a paid endorsement or representation of any companies named.  I receive no compensation whatsoever from any makeup or other companies named/linked to in my posts for my looks or reviews.  I just like to have fun with all the pretty pretty colors...

Oh, wait until you see this one!

Day 6 of the Orglamix 30 Days/30 Ways Challenge (Wednesday, November 24) turned out to be the day before the Thanksgiving Holiday; hectic as that was at work (we were delivering turkeys and the trimmings to several of the families we serve, who are caring for/raising their relatives children), I decided to return to my usual bare-faced self for the workday.

Ah, but when the whistle blows, the fun begins, eh?  I was going to my mama's house to help her cook for the holiday, a tradition of ours for many years now, so I wanted to add a little pizazz to start the celebrating off right:

Yay, holidays!!  I love love LOVE this look--one of my favorites so far, it's so smoky and shimmery and lovely!  My poor mama almost didn't recognize me...

This bit of gorgeous takes advantage of the warm gold shimmer of Orglamix Chamomile to set the overall tone and add highlights.  Here's how I got this look, after properly prepping the face with my usual foundation, veil, and neutral eyelid primer:

1)  Pat on Orglamix Chamomile from lash line to just under the brow and blend to bring out the gold in this shade

2)  Pat a metallic rose color onto the lid and blend out into the crease and outer "v" of the eye to contour (the particular shadow I used blends out into a lovely purplish-rust shade that really smokes up the place, wow!).  If desired, pat a little more of the metallic rose onto the lid to intensify color (I certainly did).

3)  Use a pale pink eyeshadow pencil (the chubby kine) to highlight just under the brow and the inner corners of the eyes, blend out the edges to avoid a harsh boundary between colors

4)  Line upper lash line and lower water line with black gel eyeliner, pulling the line up into a small wing to glam it up

5)  Blend matte brown shadow into the brow to shape/define and add black mascara (2 coats!) to the lashes

6)  Add pale reddish-gold gloss to the lips to finish off the look

(here's a close-up of the look, eyes closed; note how the metallic rose is applied in layers to the lower portion of top lid to intensify the color and then blended into the crease to create the smoky effect--and yes, this is the SAME shade of eyeshadow!)

PS:  you may have noticed already, but I'll spell it out anyway--for the purposes of this challenge, only the Orglamix products used in each day's look are given by name in my blog posts here and comments on the Orglamix Facebook page, all others shall remain anonymous in these forums.  However, if there is a particular look you wish to recreate, simply leave me a comment on that day's blog post and I'll reveal all on the day after the challenge!

Next up, Turkey Day!!