Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 5: Violet Pearl

Disclaimer:  All content is my own opinion only and should in no way be construed as a paid endorsement or representation of any companies named.  I receive no compensation whatsoever from any makeup or other companies named/linked to in my posts for my looks or reviews.  I just like to have fun with all the pretty pretty colors...

Day 5--Tuesday, November 23  (crazy week, so having to post madly to catch up, lol!)

What to do to spice up a gray morning leading into a frenzied day at work?  Nothing like the color purple to jazz things up a little bit and give yourself (and everyone else) a pick me up.  It's amazing to me:  I'm finding that the more I play with this challenge, the more I'm getting noticed in other ways--at work, at

Today's look takes advantage of an Orglamix creamliner I received as one of Cheri's incredible Fabulous Friday Facebook surprises, as well as some inspiration from one of my fellow fansisters, Cortney (thanks, sweetie!).  So here it is:

Somewhat similar to my Day 3 look, but a little more pinkish and subdued (hey, I was on my way to work, can't be too flashy!); also, this look adds some fun by using a dark purple shadow wet as eyeliner (WHAT??!???!!?  No matte brown?  I'm riding the edge, now ;p).  To create this daytime look, I prepped my face as usual (mineral foundation, translucent mineral veil, neutral primer--although you could use a white base instead to make the colors more intense) and used:

1)  Orglamix creamliner in Pink Pearl as the base color all over the lid and blended up a bit into the crease

2)  Orglamix Freesia patted into the crease and outer v of the eye & blended; added a bit more into the crease to intensify contouring

3)  Orglamix Vanilla under brow, on brow bone (blended into Freesia), and inner corner of eye to highlight

4)  Dark purple shadow used wet as eyeliner

5)  Matte brown (I knew it had to be in here somewhere!) blended into the brow to shape and define

6)  A shimmery mauve lip glaze

7)  Black mascara

Again, my coworkers sat up and noticed--before finding Orglamix, I had not been in the habit of wearing makeup regularly and certainly not different shades/styles on different days.  Don't know what they're going to do with me for the next three-ish weeks lol!