Thursday, June 9, 2011


FOTD & Gig Look: Sunday, June 5, 2011

Remember the loveliness that was "Goth Rainbow"?  Well, this much more toned-down look is what followed the next day--and what a day that was!!  I began by getting up early (on a Sunday!!  and the second one in a row, no less o.0) to pull together my costumes and adornments for a hula gig in the evening, then getting dressed for our first Tahitian dance workshop of the season.  We worked our butts off for just over an hour learning an entire dance, then went home to do a quick clean-up (no time for a full shower, ack!), put on the makeup, dress in my halau uniform (a yellow Hawaiian print on grass green fabric), make sure everything I needed for the gig was in the car, and hightail it to the venue--`auwe!!

This gig was unique in that it included a pair of kahiko or ancient-style dances; this usually requires two things that separate it from `auana or modern-style--the dancers must have adornments made of natural materials (FRESH greenery and kukui-nut lei in our case) and should not be wearing "loud" makeup.  Here's what I went with:

Smoked it up a little for the stage, lol!

And here's the greenery: a lei of leatherleaf fern woven by my own two hands using a technique known as wili which basically involves stripping or clipping your greenery of choice into useable bits with some stem exposed and then wrapping each stem/pick/small bundle with some sort of flat cording, like raffia (which is what I used).  Hard to explain, tough skill to master, and if you are sloppy with your wili or don't keep it tight enough you will end up with gaps in the back (where all the "wrapping" shows) which makes for a weak lei that will probably start to fall apart on you--bleh.

The full lei po`o or crown wreath; I transport mine in a cake carrier ;)

Close up of the greenery--I made this Saturday night, 6/4 and took the pics on Wednesday, 6/8!!  Still fresh & green :D

Heck yeah I'm proud of this--took me 5 hours but this lei was tight--no gaps in the back!!  I could've swung it around and dis buggah no fall apart!  My tutu would be so proud of me...

Alright, enough of the intermission, back to the makeup ;)

Ahh...nani brown eyes <3

On my face I went with just foundation (no time for pore minimizers, primers, etc.--had to get ready in a hurry!!); I'm wearing Meow Cosmetics' Flawless Feline (full coverage) foundation in Naughty Korat.

My eyes I prepped with my new fav routine: Too Faced Shadow Insurance (referred to elsewhere in this blog and the beauty blogosphere as TFSI) regular formula (though I also love the Candlelight version, I wanted to tone down the shimmer for this look) and a thin coat of Pixie Epoxy over the lid.  I'm so glad I went with Phyrra's recommendation and tried these two together, they work fantastically on my oily lids!!

After prepping my lids I applied the following:
Fyrinnae Atomic Afterglow on the lids and blended out in the crease--this was gorgeous for such a neutral color and it picked up a touch more green from my lei
Fyrinnae Monarch Butterfly in the crease/outer corners and dragged down onto lower lash lines for a smokier eye ;)
Fyrinnae Moon Child on the brow bone/inner corners
Mixology shadow in Indy in the brows
Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencil in Rockstar on the upper lash lines
Bobbi Brown gel liner in Black Ink on the waterlines
MAC Prep+Prime for lashes and MAC False Lashes mascara

Cheeks: Fyrinnae Glow Blush in Enchant (this was amazing and lovely!!)

Lips: MAC Brick-O-La blotted out and topped with Aveda Lip Shine in Grapefruit Pulp

This is the first neutral look I've done in quite a while and I have to say that I really liked how it turned out!  This look would be fine even for everyday wear and was one of my quickest makeup applications (aside from "Goth Rainbow" which I did in under 30 minutes from start to finish, lol!)--I may be getting some sort of proficiency here ;)

Any other performers out there?  What's your favorite way to doll yourself up for the stage?

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