Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Awards Encore

Stylish Blogger Award and One Lovely Blog Award--Thanks mNg!!

Well, the sun finally came out in Sunny CA--which means my hay fever has undergone a late resurgence and my eyes are in misery.  So no LOTDs for a bit =( but it also lets me catch up on some posting =)  Tragedy and comedy in balance, such is life!

I'm smiling through allergy-induced tears right now because mNg of I'm Not Skinny--So What? tagged me for a couple of awards; mahalo a nui loa, e nani mNg!!  Here's what I just picked up from her:

This one looks like the "shabby chic" version of the award--cuteness!

If you've read either my own posts from previously received awards or those of other bloggers, you know one of the first rules of these peer-given awards: 7 tidbits about you per award.  So here you go, mNg and all my lovely readers, 14 things to love or loathe as thou wilt ;)

1.  After years of wearing no fragrances except my own woefully simple essential oil blends, I have finally rediscovered the wonderful world of perfumes and OMG I'm in love!!  One of my current favorites is Lavanila's Vanilla Passion Fruit *sighs blissfully*

2.  In light of several recent buying sprees including one precipitated by #1 above (I'm looking at YOU, Ki, lol!!), I am contemplating instituting another "no buy"...eek.

3.  I have recently learned that I can chat live with folks in Malaysia and France as long as I do it near to midnight Pacific Time (not sure it matters too much whether it's Daylight Savings or not)

4.  I do not buy expensive shoes, clothes, or purses; I spend this money on monthly massage therapy, regular chiropractic care, good food, and my dogs.  If I have a stash of cash left after these priorities I buy pretty makeup and, most recently, pretty scents.

5.  OHWTO's Black Magic Cream Soap and my homemade facial cream are a perfect combination and I'm loving how soft they make my skin!!

6.  It is an old tradition that a woman is not supposed to dance kahiko or ancient-style hula when she is on her monthly; for me this was borne out during a gig this past weekend when I danced anyway (albeit at the request of my kumu, which you are also not supposed to refuse) and much to my own mortification messed up big time on a whole verse!  Luckily, the stage crew also messed up and the stage lights were not on us, so only the people sitting right in front of me saw >.<

7.  It is getting close to June 10th and my blackberries (usually ripening by mid-May and gone by mid-June) are just now beginning to ripen.  That's a first in the almost 9 years we've been living in a house with a blackberry bush.

8.  I trace my love for supernatural fiction to reading Where The Wild Things Are when I was a kid.  Likewise, sarcasm I trace to Shel Silverstein and Roald Dahl.

9.  The most treasured pieces of art I own are: photographs taken and mounted/framed by my sister, a watercolor done by my father, and dichroic glass jewelry made by my childhood best friend.

10.  I live in a neighborhood that is probably best classified as suburban but since it is adjacent to a river habitat I have personally seen the following forms of wildlife on the streets/in the yards of mine and my neighbors' homes: raccoons, owls, bats, ducks, geese, fox, rats, squirrels, possums (not the cute little bitty ones that curl up and play dead and hang by their tails. NO.  I'm talking the bigger than a fat house cat kine that stare at you like you're their next meal), skunks (OMG they're everywhere!!) lizards, and ravens.

11.  I also live in the same neighborhood where my paternal great-grandmother was born and raised, though I did not know this at the time my husband & I bought the house.  I feel like she watches over us and our home ;)

12.  I have a strand of lights in little ornamental cages of twisted wire hanging over my headboard; it makes me think of sleeping under the stars.

13.  That gig I mentioned in #6?  As part of the kahiko, I had to make my own lei out of fern to wear on my head.  Our Kumu always checks our work before a performance to make sure our lei is woven tight, is the proper size to wear on the proper place on our head (not too high or low), isn't too thick or thin, and is pleasing to the eye.  Here's how mine turned out:

See how there are no gaps in the raffia used to weave the bits of fern together?  That's why it took me 5 HOURS to make this!!
I find a cake carrier to be the perfect size for transporting lei that I make for my head; it will also fit lei for the neck (choker length), wrists, and ankles (wristlets & anklets are called kupe`e)

14.  I used my first-ever Heartsy voucher to buy myself more My Pretty Zombie goodness today ;D

How about you, my gracious followers?  Any random factoids you'd be willing to share about yourselves?

I'm passing along these awards to the following lovely bloggers--if you haven't already had the chance, please click the links and check them out, they all do amazing stuff!

Kimberly of KimmieKarma<3

Mostly I have tagged these ladies to send a little blog love their way ;) but I hope at least some will choose to share a bit of themselves with us!  Ladies feel free to choose one or both awards to respond to if the mood strikes you :^*

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