Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Color Challenge: Siren's Call

Disclaimer:  All content is my own opinion only and should in no way be construed as a paid endorsement or representation of any companies named.  I receive no compensation whatsoever from any makeup or other companies named/linked to in my posts for my looks or reviews.  I just like to have fun with all the pretty pretty colors...

Updated March 20, 2011.  Sometimes inspiration for my looks comes easily--I can see a trio of colors like the one above and more or less instantly get a mental picture of what I'd like to do.  This doesn't happen with all the challenges I've participated in--some looks I came by the hard way, fussing and fidgeting and agonizing over which shades to use where (that was the case with the first "weekly challenge" I took part in and I wasn't particularly thrilled with my work on that one, thus the lack of corresponding blog post ;p ).

Happily this challenge fell into the first category, and though we all had a week to post a look using the challenge colors, it only took me one day to put mine up.  Here she is:

oooohhh...Lizzy found picnik!! (mahalo to SnarkyP for the pointers <3!)

Oh, I love this look!  And yes, the Portagee in me just could NOT resist mixing up the colors, so I blended a little bit of two colors (a deep aqua and a rich sapphire blue) to create a match for the first of the challenge colors that I was satisfied with.

This look also debuts a new blush (well, new to me at least!): a lovely pinky-coral shade that almost flew under my usual "BLUSH ALERT!!" radar.  I'm glad I snapped it up, though, it gave a pinkish glow (which I never would have attempted with a blush that was more on the pink end of the spectrum) that I think really set off the teal & green shades on the eyes.

I learned a tip on helping your eyeshadows really pop from the lovely Rebecca, who pointed many of us in the direction of the excellent Lisa Eldridge; Rebecca explained one of Lisa's recommendations which is to apply your eye color first and then apply the foundation.  Once I tried applying my makeup in this order I found it to be worth more than just intensifying your eyes--it also helps clean up any fallout and smooth out the edges of your application.  Awesome.

1) Prime the eyelids; for "Siren's Call" I used MAC Paint Pot in Painterly

2) Pat a bright shimmery spring green on the lid, blending slightly up into crease; foil more of this shade and paint inner 1/3 of lower lid

3) Mix a deep blue and a tealy-blue together and blend into crease & outer corner of eyes; foil this same mixture and paint over outer 2/3 of lower lid

4) Pat a nude shade with some gold shimmer onto brow bone and blend down into upper edge of the teal/blue shadow in the crease to make a pretty gradient; pick up more of this shade and, beginning at inner corner of brow, draw it down to inner corners of the eyes.  Don't be afraid to pack this on a bit on the inner corners to really highlight and widen the eyes ;)

5) Foil more of the teal/blue mixture and line upper lash line.  Follow up by lining upper & lower waterlines with black gel eyeliner (super glamorous!!).  I used MAC Blacktrack for this look

6) Blend a matte brown shadow like Indy by Mixology into eyebrows to shape and define.

7) Prime the eyelashes if you like (for super long & thick lashes; I used MAC Prep+Prime) and apply 1-2 coats of your fav black mascara

Today I was feeling nostalgic so I used a combination of Bliss & Almond foundations by Pink Quartz Minerals topped by their Translucent Mineral Veil.  Though not as silky on the skin as my usual fav it gave nice coverage, felt pretty soft, and went on smoothly.

After applying your foundation/setting powder, sweep a pink/coral shade of blush over the cheeks for a lovely glow that really sets off the shades on the eyes.  And on the lips?  A fresh peach-coral lip gloss with a little gold shimmer to it added a beautiful finish to this look.

View with lowered lids showing off the teal/blue mix foiled as liner on the upper lash line

These colors are so fresh and lovely, just like new spring shoots and tropical seas!  Damn, I think I'm missing Maui again...

I wore this look out to dinner with the hubby ("very nice!" he exclaimed when I came out of the bathroom, hooray!!) and felt very daring--just like an enchanting mermaid ;)  Want more drama for a night out clubbing?  Foil the shadows on the lid, amp up the application of black liner and wear a darker shade on the lips and you've got a look that's dance-floor ready!