Monday, February 21, 2011

Roxie Flasher

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LOTD January 30, 2011

Updated March 20, 2011.  In my workaday life as a busy social worker, I often (sadly) find I have little time in the morning to glam it up for the day with some rockin' eye shadow or fun fabulous fashion.  Yes, good and patient readers, I must confess: I am an unapologetic sleeper-inner (no kids yet to force me up at oh-dark-thirty) and inveterate procrastinator.  Need any further proof?  Check out the post date of this particular blog entry and compare it to the date I actually did the look.  See, I told you...

Add to my own personality traits the nuts & bolts of a home-visitation model of social service: simple, workable, wash-n-wear clothes/hair/makeup is SOP (standard operating procedure) in my field--when you are going into someone's home to provide supportive services you want to avoid being too dressy, too flashy, or too casual, as you want to convey both respect and a sense of being accessible and down-to-earth to the families who are opening their homes to you.  Because no one wants a shiny-new, straight-from-grad-school looking professional standing on their doorstep for God and all the neighbors to see.  Would you?

This being my present reality, the evenings really are my friend where playing with pigments are concerned and "today" is no exception.  Once again, I pulled out one recent haul, and decided to work with a couple of not-yet-used pigments.  I was feeling kind of purple today, so I chose to create...Roxie Flasher!!

No, I'm not topless or anything, I just cropped the heck out of this pic so you can't see the tank I'm wearing.  Really.

Well, yes, I was in a hurry this evening, so I decided to forego the usual application of foundation/finishing powder, etc.  Boy, am I sorry I did that, good followers, and you're absolutely right--I won't be doing it again! The eyes sure look pretty, though, and here's how I got them:

1) Yes, I did in fact use primer on the eyes (still trying to decide on a fav; do you have any suggestions, my wonderful readers??)

2)  Pat a shimmery light purple shade on the lid

3)  Blend a smoky black cherry shade into the crease/outer corners of the eyes; foil a bit more of this shade and line outer 2/3 of upper lash line

4)  Blend a shimmery ivory shade onto the brow bone and pat more of this on the inner corners of the eyes to highlight

5)  Blend matte brown shadow (like Kettle by Pink Quartz Minerals) into brows to shape/define and add black mascara (I used BADgal Lash by benefit)

6)  This look took advantage of a nearly naked lip--just some lip balm I made--but a plum, mauve, or cool red shade would work also.

Wow, what a difference lighting and location make!!  These two pics were taken near a North-facing window on a rainy day, the indirect light completely washed out my own color but made the shadows pop a bit more o.0
I have to say, I'm really fond of the purple looks with my beautiful browns, and these particular shades ended up being a lovely variation on this theme.  I'd easily wear this during the day (a day off, most likely, but daytime still), or glam it up for evening by intensifying the color (foiling, or just applying more pigment or applying over a black or white base), adding more black liner and more mascara/false lashes, blush or bronzer, and lip color.

How do you feel about purple/violet shades on the eyes?  Leave me a comment and let me know ;)