Monday, February 21, 2011

Moulin Rose

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LOTD January 31, 2011

Updated March 20, 2011.  Inspired by yesterday's experience lacquering my nails with Scotch Naturals' Kiltlifter, I decided to go for the gusto this evening after a WAY long day at work and experiment with--buh-buh-bah-BUHM!!!--red eyeshadow!  Oh, I've worn shades of rusty gold and rosy plum, but nothing like this...

I give you:  Moulin Rose!

Isn't she lovely??

Until I saw the completed look, I was uncertain if I'd like the red shades much, but Oh My Wow they are stunning!!  Definitely one of my fav color combinations ;)

On the face I applied my current favorite foundation, finishing powder, and bronzer, primed my eyelids, then continued the look as follows:

1) Pat a rich shimmery warm red on the lid; don't be afraid to pack it on, as that is what gave this look it's gorgeous rose-red hue!

2) Blend a shimmery black cherry shade (you can use something like Sketch or Beauty Marked by MAC--although not dupes of what I used here, they're similar enough) into the crease & outer corners of the eye and drag down across lower lid

3) Blend a shimmery pink rose shade onto the brow bone and drag down to the inner corners of the eye and across inner lower lid to blend with "black cherry" shadow

4) For extra drama, line the upper lash line (liberally) and lower waterlines with black gel eyeliner (I used Fluidline in Blacktrack by MAC)

5) Apply black mascara to lashes (I used MAC Prep+Prime lash primer followed by Fresh Magic Wands--one coat of Supernova followed by one coat of Firebird--very dramatic and a bargain at one trial size of each for $10 USD)

6) Blend matte brown shadow such as Kettle by Pink Quartz Minerals into brows to shape & define

7) Dust cheekbones & upper lip with a shimmery highlighter (my thanks to Char & Stella for the inspiration to add this extra touch of glam!)

8) Mix the "shimmery pink-rose" and "black cherry" shades of your choice (yes, the same ones used on the eyes, if said shades are also lip-safe) with pink shimmer gloss and plum with gold shimmer gloss (I used Aveda Lip Shines in Grapefruit Pulp + Night Iris) and apply to lips

This turned out so well, I'd want to wear it every day lol!  But I'd probably reserve it for a night out (or in!  naught me...) due to the intense color and fairly dramatic eyes.  Like Kiltlifter, this look incorporates shades that represent good luck in a variety of cultures, so if you're looking for something to wear on the eyes/face for Lunar New Year, Valentine's Day, or other "red is good fortune" celebrations, this certainly would fit the bill!  (Update 02-19-11, I actually did wear it out on a "double date" with another couple ;D )  Moulin Rose also went well with another treat I got for myself in the spirit of the upcoming Valentine's Day festivities...but that's another blog post entirely...

What about you, my lovely readers, how do you feel about rouge eye shadows?  Dare to wear, or afraid of this shade??  Feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts ;)