Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Uhhhggghh...fix it!!

FOTD:  I'm not even gonna put the day I wore this, SO far behind, ewewEW! XP

Point is--there was a day, not terribly long ago, that I came home and wanted to play with the sparklies.  I was in a happy kine mood--which is saying something on a weekday, because I tend to get pretty taxed by the j-o-b.  I had recently received some new-ish samples of the Friday the 13th ("F13") collection by Meow Cosmetics **ducks a thwack from Christa**.  I also picked up a couple of UD 24/7 eye pencils from my local Sephora during my hunt for Dad's Day presents.

I did my thing, primed, blended, patted, blended, get the idea.  And the look was


Well, the lip color was pretty alright...
Not that it was an epic fail or anything, it just wasn't what I was going for.  I wanted some flash and wound up with something way more washed-out than intended.  Wanna see how I fixed it?  Jump!

What I began with:  Skinfood Gingko Green BB Cream #2 + Benefit The POREfessional (trouble spots only, usually forehead, nose, & above my cheekbones) on the face followed by Meow Cosmetics' Flawless Feline foundation in Naughty Korat.  This was pretty fab, actually ;)

Close up so you can enjoy the mediocrity lol!
On the eyes is where I felt it went a bit off: I applied TFSI (regular) as a primer, which is actually 1/2 of my current fav primer combo (along with PE, which for some reason I cannot now recall, I decided to forego...).  Then I went a bit lightly with Meow's F13 shadow in Fate on the lid (maybe I should have packed it on??) & blended into crease, Meow F13 in Skeptic (on the browbone, blended into Fate; also inner corners), UD 24/7 pencil in Rockstar (upper lash line) and Fresh Magic Wands duo mascara.

Cheeks: Fyrinnae Glow Blush in Seduce (I went pretty light with this when I didn't need to be afraid of wearing it, eek.)

Lips:  Milani lip flash in Hot Flash topped with Brazen's Passion Pot in Ice Queen.  Okay, that wasn't so bad, really.

One problem I had with this look is I made the mistake of putting the BB Cream on my eyelids when I should know better--no cream on the oily lids!  I think this is the reason for the mad creasing you can see in the first (eyes closed) shot--despite the TFSI, the one-two punch of oily lid + not oil-free cream did the poor eyeshadow in.  Ring the bell and get on to the next sucka...

The eyes bugged me so much I just had to FIX IT.  Here's what I came up with for Round 2:

Now THAT's more like it!!  Not screamin' but still makes my pretty browns POP ;D

My foundation was fine, so I went about adjusting the eyes to look a bit more WOW and fine-tuning the lips & cheeks to match.

On the eyes I added a layer of PE over look #1 and followed with:

Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics (ARC) Musket on the lid, blended into crease, & dragged across lower lashline
ARC Louis on upper crease and blended down a bit into Musket; also blended with Musket on middle of lower lashline
ARC Powdered Wigs on browbone and inner corners
ARC Revolution smudged over Rockstar on upper lash line
extra coat of Fresh Firebird mascara

I blotted the Hot Flash off my lips (though that glitter wasn't coming off for NOBODY!) and applied Aveda Nourish-mint Rehydrating Lip Glaze in Wineberry, topped off with a touch of Ice Queen

Cheeks: touch more Seduce

Et voila!  Fabulousness is restored!

What about you, my darling readers?  How have you salvaged a look to go from bleh to beauteous?