Monday, August 22, 2011

More MPZ Goodness (pic heavy!) :D

So I'm finally getting around to posting the awesomeness that is my latest My Pretty Zombie haul--such a slacker, me!  These goodies were from an end-of-July sale that I just could NOT resist o.O

Actually in my own defense it's been a pretty hectic August so far: a rush to learn two chants and two dances for a hula ceremony welcoming six waka that have traveled all the way across the Pacific, getting locked into my office at work for nearly 3 hours with my supervisors & coworkers last Tuesday during a very public standoff with a lolo who took a potshot at the officer (didn't hit him TG) who wanted to question him about an armed robbery (the suspect decided to hide in the apartment complex behind our building >_<), and Tahitian rehearsal today (3.5 hours, nearly 50 dancers packed into a studio the size of my family room, which is maybe 325 square feet--talk about hot & humid, ugh!).

I was feeling like I needed a little fun (& a lot of glamor) today, so yeah--MPZ!! :D Much better!

Here is the haul itself (more after the jump):

Don't you just love the monster teef?  And look, extra love from Andrea <3

The "extra love": a sweet ass blogger pack plus samples of Moist, Lady Killer, & Epistaxis!

Contents of the blogger pack: Grimdeva, Disquiet, Quinsy, Thundernuts, & 996

Look at the PRETTIES!!  Do you see that shift in Thundernuts (bottom center)??

Full sizes from the end of July sale: New Bruise, Wicked Crochet, Miasma, & 13 Gypsies

13 Gypsies (top right) looks like molten copper, OMG <3
I have to say a couple of things here about Andrea's customer service: her communication is fast, friendly, and always concerned about her customers' experience--if she's run out of an item, or there's been any kind of issue, she will often send you a message to address it before you even ask about it.  Which is awesome.  Also, if there's ever a concern you have with your order, whether it's the color, an error in the order, ingredients, etc. if you let her know about it (respectfully, of course!) she will go out of her way to make it right for you.  Not just promises, either--she will actually do what she offers!

Case in point: I recall reading a review of MPZ by another blogger that mentioned--again, respectfully--that the ingredient/name labels on the bottom of the full size jars were a bit difficult to read.  Andrea worked with fellow blogger Manda to rectify this situation by creating new, clear & legible labels with complete ingredients lists unique to each shade, as you can see in the second to last pic above.

Now for some swatchiness:

Clockwise from top: 13 Gypsies, Wicked Crochet, Miasma, Lady Killer, New Bruise
 First of all I love Andrea's formula, the shadows are all silky soft, go on buttery smooth, and have a richness to them that is completely lovely.  Just look at 13 Gypsies!  And as usual, my camera skills are meh, so of course it's hard to see the lovely pink shift in Miasma (except maybe around the edges, sigh).

Second, the pic above just says "Halloween" to me, which is so apropos as many folks are putting out the Fall collections this month.  I must try to put a look or two together with just these shades, hmm...

Let's take a moment to consider Wicked Crochet especially: again, my pic above just does not do justice to the glittery gorgeousness of this shade.  I seriously love this stuff and get mad compliments every time I wear it!!  I tried to get an unfocused close-up to show the glitter (which is oh so fine <3), and got this instead:

See the pretties?? Couldn't capture them all :( but I think you can see the glitter is a lovely emerald color
Anywho, Wicked Crochet is a beautiful, complex shade, and with the right product *coughPixieEpoxy/DGC GlitterGluecough* its glittery-ness will last all evening (and even into the next day!!) on your eyes.

L-R: Thundernuts, Epistaxis, Grimdeva, 996, Disquiet, Quinsy
These were in my sweet ass blogger pack (the name is so Andrea, it made me smile) and can I say they are just beautiful!! Stunning, even.  Thundernuts is loaded with a pretty pink sparkle (managed to catch a bit of it in the pic, yay!), Epistaxis is a gorgeous matte red, Grimdeva is like Wicked Crochet's toned down, shimmery/sparkly (but not glittery) little sister--you could wear her to the office--996 is zomg yay80sshimmerblue, Disquiet and Quinsy both are gorgeous greens that will just make my nani browns pop, I know it!

As I said earlier: awesome.

Also, I just had to add the next pic because as I finished up snapping swatch photos I came back to my room to find this on my bed:
My little boy Leroy is facing the camera, all snuggled up to Lily & my hubs (under the covers)

Me ke aloha,