Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lizzy Gets Her First Award :D

As I was browsing my little corner of FB earlier in the week, I happened upon the following post to my wall by one of my fav fans and fellow blogger mNg:

Liz! ♥ I tagged you for an award so go check out my blog entry. Didn't wanna spam your page with the link. LOL.
Ever the dutiful friend, I hopped over to her pretty-in-pink blog, I'm Not Skinny--So What? (which I love) and was so excited to see that she had passed to me The Versatile Blogger Award!  Newbie that I am, I was thrilled to be receiving my first peer-given award, and from someone I greatly respect.

Why, thank you, mNg!

So here's to mNg, and all the other Versatile Bloggers that have come before me ;)

My Seven Things
1.  My very first shopping vice was...can you guess??  Did someone say makeup? Reading this little journal, I get how you'd come to that conclusion, but no--it was books!!  My house is jam-packed with them, they are literally in every room in the house, even the bathrooms lol!  I used to collect them faster than I could read them, until I had to declare a self-imposed moratorium on buying new ones so I could catch up!

2.  Although much loved by many of my RL friends, vodka is none of mine.  Crown & Coca-Cola are likewise banned, for reasons known only to those closest to me >.< .

3.  I'm in love with the song "The Dog Days Are Over" by Florence and the Machine, even though until my hubby played it for me today I had never heard the song in its entirety (somehow, I've always managed to flip radio stations just in time to catch the last half, at the most!).

4.  I love chocolate, but my favorite sweet these days is The Earl caramel by Have It Sweet (more on these truly sweet people later)

5.  I studied for 5 years with an herbal medicine woman, who taught me many great things about using plants to keep myself and my loved ones healthy, including how to make my own creams, herbal massage oils/scrubs, cordials, and that the base of a standard Oster blender will fit securely on top of a regular mouth mason jar.  This is one of the best tricks ever.  Forget those mathematical "amaze your friends" gimmicks--this one will really trip them out.

6.  One of the best compliments as a hula dancer I have ever received was given to me by an old uncle on the island of Maui (where my mother's mother's family is from), who had never seen me dance: he told me that he knew I was a hula dancer because I had "the feet."  My kumu would be so proud ;)

7.  One of my names was given to me in honor of my father's mother, who passed away before I was born.  I am told by the family that my cooking is much like hers, which is a bit spooky since I never knew her while she was alive.

Hope I didn't bore you with the "fact soup" lol!!  How about you, my wonderful readers?  Care to share a random fact about yourself?  Feel free to comment--if you dare ;)

Now for your reading pleasure I'd like to pass The Versatile Blogger Award on to the following lovely people, please go check out their sites and show some love:

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Needle Tatting and other Nonsense (Pam makes gorgeous and delicate lacy tatted finery that can be worn from head to toe and her blog is equally elegant)

Rules of this award:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them on your blog.
2. Tell everyone 7 things about yourself.
3. Tag more bloggers for the award.
4. Contact these bloggers to let them know they've been tagged.