Monday, April 25, 2011

Giveaway: I'm Not Skinny, So What?

So, besides the fact that fellow blogger mNg is a lovely person and beautiful woman, I have to give props to anyone with the attitude to pull off the awesome title of her blog: "I'm Not Skinny, So What?"  I was so happy to see her blogging that I nearly missed this little gem of a giveaway being hosted by her with a very unique prize supplied by My Pretty Zombie--three custom-created, delicious shades of pink that were a collaboration between Andrea, owner & proprietress, and mNg, who was looking for that "just so" shadow ;)

photos courtesy of

mNg has a big heart, a sharp wit, a very direct communication style, and as I mentioned before, a healthy attitude toward herself and the world in general.  You can pretty much count on her to give her honest opinion about anything she's chosen to blog about--despite her love of all things girly, pink, and sparkly she is no whitewasher (LOL!!).  That being said, she does the best she can to be fair.  She's generous, too, so the winner of her giveaway will receive all 3 of the above "mNg Pinks"--amazing!!

How cute is this??
One of the things I love best about mNg's blog is the threads of RL she weaves into her posts--you all know how I love a good story!  How about you, darling readers?  What are the qualities you look for in a good blog?

And...go check out mNg's blog!  You can enter her "All Pink-ed Out " giveaway here.  It's open for new  entries until Midnight (12:00 AM or 0:00 for the 24-hour clockers) on April 29, 2011.