Sunday, March 4, 2012

Glitter Challenge!

To clarify, I'm entering, not issuing, said challenge ;)  Luna of issues a weekly challenge on her blog, each with a different theme.  The thing I appreciate about her challenges is they're more a showcase than a competition.  For me, that removes a considerable amount of anxiety about "going up against" someone with much more experience--and ability--than myself!

This week's challenge (ending today) is GLITTER!  My neck was junk this weekend, so I decided to focus on my nails instead:

For this look I used 1 coat of Cult Nails (CN) In a Trance, topped with a coat of CN Toxic Seaweed--an awesome sea-green jelly with emerald green microglitter (seems to have a bit of gold flash to it in the sun) and a rather fine, fire-gold iridescent flake.  I also used CN's base & top coats--they're not kidding when they call the top coat "Wicked Fast"--it dried in less time than it took for me to put all the caps back on my polish bottles!  

In A Trance is a gold-olive shade and made the overall look more of a warm-toned green than the cool green of Toxic Seaweed.  Pretty awesome, I can't quit looking at it at different angles XD.

I will say this for Cult Nails--their polishes come in a variety of very pretty shades and finishes for such a new company, and although their creme/shimmer polishes are taking some skill-building for me (a newbie, so please excuse the messy cuticles >_<) to apply evenly, the jellies are practically foolproof.  I want them all ;)

What's your favorite way to use glitter?

Me ke aloha,

3/9/2012 ETA--I wasn't kidding when I told folks this was my "mani of the week;" I'm generally too laid back about my nails (and busy with RL stuffs) to switch polish every day...or even every couple of days!  I have to say I'm impressed with how this one wore, my skills being pretty novice level and all; I still kept ogling my nails all week XD.  Here's how the nails looked after a solid 5 days of work, hula, and domestic miscellany:
Left hand

Right hand
Most of the difference between "just done" pic and "after the work week" pics I attribute to 3 factors--I cleaned up the messiness around the cuticles after the polish had time to cure overnight, my nails grew out, and there is some very very minor wear on the tips.  If I wasn't eager to try something new over the weekend, I'd probably wear it 'til next Monday ;)  Well done, Cult Nails!